Holding Our Soul’s Breath…..

courtesy of whalewriter.wordpress.com

I think when we sigh we are like whales….

Expelling a tightly held breath

under the weight of the sea,

of captured dreams

locked in our vaults at the bottom of an ocean of conformity….

And you see – we can’t hold our soul’s breath that long

The length of a lifetime repressed…

We need to come up for air

Or we die –

(Raiana Golden, 2007, all rights reserved)

2 responses to “Holding Our Soul’s Breath…..

  1. beautiful words, it so resonates with me- time to take a deep soul expanding breath – ahhhhhh x

  2. I can’t help it – I know it’s my blog – but this picture – this image that I found to breath visual life to my poem is just so Perfect. So Stunning!!

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